How we do it

We have more than 25 years’ experience working exclusively with suppliers of products and services to the construction, built environment and industrial markets. We’re renowned for our market intelligence and in-depth knowledge – of your customers’ decision making processes and supply chains.

The infographic below outlines the steps we take to ensure we get the right results.

1. Context

We are specialists at using intelligent telemarketing and business development techniques to help companies that provide products and services to the construction, built environment and industrial markets increase sales and improve market awareness.

With more than 25 years’ experience and proprietary market intelligence, we provide you with a targeted, proven way of developing opportunities.

2. Challenges

Whether you’re trying to launch a new product, boost your market penetration, develop your specification business, focus your sales team or improve your processes, we help you meet clearly defined and achievable targets.

We explain from the outset what we can and can’t do. Strategy development is key to our success. We implement targeted goals and deliver successful projects with measurable return on investment.

3. Proposition

In order to be in the best position to assist you in developing opportunities, we need to understand precisely how what you do benefits your clients.

In order to achieve this, we get to know your team and engage with your products or services.  We become experts in your proposition. We’re then in a position to act as a seamless extension of your sales team.

4. Solution

Expanding your market share means understanding what motivates your ideal customers. We build profiles and develop a tailored strategy to specifically target those customers: the key decision makers. Then we educate the market and create awareness of your proposition.

Working as an extension of your sales force, we create opportunities and set appointments on your behalf, ensuring that your ideal customers are primed and ready for their meeting with you.

5. Results

We have the experience and market intelligence to understand your market and your customers’ decision making processes and supply chains.

Every project has clear, measurable objectives allowing you to meet achievable goals and overcome barriers. Your sales force will be more efficient and focused on developing opportunities with highly qualified prospects.

We provide you with a targeted, tangible return on your investment.


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